If you want to stay healthy, never make these 5 big mistakes after eating

 If you want to stay healthy, never make these 5 big mistakes after eating

Many of us make a lot of mistakes when it comes to eating, which is detrimental to health.  According to doctors, meals should always be taken at the right time and should never kill one's appetite.  In addition, after taking a meal, special attention should be paid to the following points.  We will tell you in our article about some of the habits after eating to keep your body healthy.

 Do not drink water

 Water should not be drunk at meal time and immediately after a meal.  In fact many people have a habit of drinking water at meal time.  While some people drink water immediately after a meal, which is harmful to health.  According to the doctor, water should not be drunk at meal time and immediately after eating.  Always drink water at least half an hour after a meal.  Not only that, cold water should never be drunk.  Drinking cold water impairs digestion.  That is why you should always choose to drink warm water.

 Avoid tea and coffee

 Many people have a habit of drinking tea or coffee after a meal, which is not considered appropriate at all.  According to doctors, drinking tea or coffee immediately after a meal depletes the body and prevents the body from getting protein.

 Do not go to bed immediately

 You should not go to bed at all after lunch.  Always walk for a while after a meal and sleep at least half an hour later.  Going to bed immediately after a meal does not digest the food properly and there are complaints of abdominal pain.  Not only that, many people also have bloating, so you should not fall asleep immediately after a meal by mistake.

 Do not drink juice

 It is not advisable to drink juice immediately after a meal and doing so may impair digestion.  That is why juice or liquids should never be consumed after a meal.  It is always advisable to drink the juice two hours after the meal.

 Don't smoke

 Many people smoke after a meal, which has a detrimental effect on health.  Never smoke or drink alcohol after a meal.

 Do not eat cold and hot together

 Never eat hot or cold foods at the same time as meals.  Often people drink milk from above after eating yoghurt, which is not considered appropriate at all.  Drinking milk and yoghurt together causes abdominal pain.  Similarly, yogurt, milk, tea or coffee should not be drunk on cheese.

 Do not sit after a meal

 Immediately after lunch, people sit in their chairs and start working.  Do not sit on a chair immediately after eating according to the doctor.  Always walk for 10 minutes after a meal and only then sit in your chair and work.

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