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Navratri is a festival of great significance for Hinduism.  On this auspicious occasion the nine forms of Ambe are worshiped.  So this festival is celebrated for nine days.  In the Veda Purana, Ambe is considered to be a form of power.  Which protects this world from Asuras.  At the time of Navratri, the devotees of Maa wish him a happy life and prosperity.  Let us know what are the nine forms of Ambe: -

1. Mother Shailaputri

 2. Mother celibate

 3. Mother lunar hour

 4. Mother Kushmanda

 5. Maa Skandamata

 6. Mother Katyayani

 7. Mother Kalratri

 8. Mother Mahagauri

 9. Mother Siddhidatri

The importance of Navratri festival in Sanatan Dharma is that it is celebrated five times in a year.  However, Navratri, the time of Chaitra and Sharad, is widely celebrated.  On this occasion fairs and religious programs are organized in many parts of the country.  Devotees of the mother go to India to pay homage to the Shakti Peeth that pervades the year.  The rest of Navratri is also known as Gupta Navratri.  These include Magh Gupta Navratri, Ashadhi Gupta Navratri and Posh Navratri.  These are commonly celebrated in different parts of the country.

 Importance of Navratri festival

 If we break the treaty of the word Navratri, we find that it is formed from the yoga of these two words.  The first word is nine and the second word is night which means nine nights.  Navratri is celebrated mainly in the northern states of India as well as in Gujarat and West Bengal with much fanfare.  On this occasion the devotees of the mother fast for nine days to receive their blessings.

 During this time, alcohol, meat, rice, etc. are given up.  Worship is also performed on the tenth day after nine days.  The tenth day of Navratri is known as Vijaya Dashmi or Dussehra.  It is said that on this day Lord Rama killed Ravana and conquered Lanka.

 In many countries of the world, Navratri is celebrated with joy.  Devotees establish a ghat and worship Mataji for nine days.  Bhajankirtan is performed by the devotees to receive the blessings of the mother.  For nine days the mother is worshiped in her various forms.  like-

The first day of Navratri is for mother Shailaputri

 On the first day of Navratri, mother Shailaputri is worshiped.  Maa Parvati Mata Shailaputri is the form of Nunj and is the daughter of the Himalayan Raj.  Mother rides Nandi.  He has a trident in his right hand and a lotus flower in his left hand.  The first day of Navratri is marked by the importance of red.  This color is a symbol of adventure, strength and karma.  There is also a statement of Ghatsthapana Pujan on the first day of Navratri.

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