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Upload Full Video on WhatsApp Status, Status Saver & MP3 Converter 3in1 App.

WhatsApp Full Video Status & Status Saver - Downloader its 3in1 Application. 

(1) Set long video on WhatsApp status ( Split full video in 30-30 Seconds and set all part in WhatsApp status in 1 click 

(2) Save Status and share 

(3) Convert Video status into MP3 and set as ringtone.

        Let you Download Video, images and Gif of whatsapp Accounts. Many of your whatsapp friends set nice status but whatsapp doesn't offer a function to Save it. But the WFVS app allows you to Download/ Save whatsapp status.

   This app offers you another fantastic function with this app you can set long video as Whatsapp status of your account. Your long video Stories cute in 30 seconds and Send all stories in your Whatsapp Status makes it more interesting.

          You can set any Long video of your mobile as your long Whatsapp status by just one click. It is a specialty of this App. Now you don't need to find 30 seconds video. You can set your favorite song or whole video as your Whatsapp status.

📣 How to Work Whatsapp Full Video Status Android Application Description of WFVS App.

📣 Set Full Video Status

🔴  Click on the play button - You will see videos saved in your mobile.

🔴  Click on selected video, the video will play

🔴  Click on the share button.

🔴  You will be able to share video on Whatsapp.

Status and most amazing the video will be automatically split in 30 seconds and Full Video will be set as your whatsapp status. Wow So Nice...

📣 Status downloader

🔴  You can Save whatsapp status set by your Whatsapp friends.

🔴  You can also share it as your whatsapp status and Saver in Your Mobile.

🔴  For your facility, the status of your friends have been decided in two Section.


🔴 From here you can see and Save videos of your friend’s Whatsapp status. You can also set it as your status.

(2) Image

🔴 From here you can see and save images set by your friends as whatsapp status. you can also share it.

📣 Audio converter

🔴  See all list Video Status convert into MP3.

🔴  You can share, set as ringtone and delete.

📣 Downloads 

🔴 See all Downloads video and image here.

🔴 You can share, set as a Whtasapp Status and delete it.

If you like someone's WhatsApp status video, download it

 2 years ago

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 Gadget Desk: Nowadays on WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram you may have seen many people posting stories.  In WhatsApp it is called Status.  You can also put a special event or video in WhatsApp status.  Photographs or videos posted as statuses are automatically deleted after one day.  Suppose you see other people's statuses on WhatsApp and if someone likes the video you put in the statuses, here is how to download it.  There are two ways to download WhatsApp status.

 1. Get Status from WhastApp Hidden Folder

 - Whenever you check someone's WhatsApp status, it will be automatically downloaded to your phone.  It is saved in a hidden folder called .statuses.  But since the folder is hidden, you will not get this folder even if you go to the file manager.

 - For this you have to unhide the .statuses folder.  You can later save any story or video.

 - Go to File Manager to unhide the folder.  Open the WhatsApp folder here.  Click on 'Show Unhide Files' by clicking on Settings in the top right corner here.  Now opening the Media folder will bring up the .Statuses folder.

 - In this folder you will find all the status videos and photos that you have seen.

 By apps

 - Apart from the first option, there are many apps available on Playstore, from which you can download WhatsApp Story videos / photos.

 - In which you have an app called Story Saver for WhatsApp is very popular.  Once downloaded this app will connect to the WhatsApp account.

 - If you click on Recent Story after installing, many stories will open.  Here you can download the story you want to download.

now you can 3 Works in 1 Android application.

1) Set Full Video in Whatsapp Status. 

2) Status Downloader / Status Saver 2020

3) Convert your favorite Video Status into MP3 and set it as a mobile ringtone.

 👉👉 Click here to download apk 👈👈

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