Amazing picture drawing by primary teacher

 Amazing picture drawing by primary teacher

Edward Hopper has a statement, 'If I could say in words there was no reason to draw.'  There are many means available to embody abstract ideas, The best examples are the stone carvings of Bhimbetka caves in Raisan district of Madhya Pradesh, which are about thirty thousand years old, and the Ajanta caves.  

When one of my co-workers asked me to visit the National Gallery of Modern Art in Delhi, my response was that it was a five-storey building with paintings. What would it look like in so many paintings?  And how much do we even know in pictures?  So he first gave me some names and asked for information about them

  With two days to go until Sunday, I tried to get acquainted with the names of the painters and their work, and realized that we had learned about them in school.  Whether it was Gemini Roy or Amrita Shergill, Avaniendranath Tagore or Raja Ravi Verma, MF Hussain or Tayyab Mehta - the names were known to some extent.  Preliminary details about them are easily available online.  The paintings of many such painters here are wonderful and inaccessible.  

The National Museum of Modern Art, Delhi and its three branches have a large collection of more than 15,000 paintings, sketches, photographs, sculptures, etc., mainly by Indian creators.  Among the ancient Indian paintings, Kalighat and Tanjore paintings are the main ones here.  Also century-old painters like Raja Ravi Varma, m.  Pictures of F. Peethawala, Pestanji Bomanji, Heman Majumdar are available. 

This is followed by Bengali style paintings by Avanindranath Tagore, M.A. R. Chugtai and Kshitindra Majumdar, followed by creators influenced by Bengali painting, post-independence paintings and works by contemporary painters

Its appeal is so strong that fans buy it at auction at a very high price.  E.g.  V.  S.  An oil painting by Gaitonde on the 18th canvas is worth around Rs 30 crore, Tayyab Mehta's Mahishasur is worth Rs 20 crore and Amrita Shergill's own portrait is worth around Rs 15 crore each.  A beautiful collection of such and such old paintings is our window into the world of painting for which we can proudly raise our heads - the National Modern Art Museum.

Indian paintings are mainly divided into two sections: murals and paintings on other mediums such as paper, canvas etc.  Today, Indian painting, derived from religious paintings, has become world-renowned for its depiction of Bhatigal culture and way of life.

We liked a lot of the pictures here, some were touching and some didn’t make sense.  Among the pictures I like the most is Subodh Gupta's 'Three Cows' with milk cans on three bicycles, it looks like a perfect photo - one doesn't realize that there is a picture, besides Anjali Ila Menon's 'Mutations

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