How to Make Whatsapp GIF File

 How to Make Whatsapp GIF File

The trend of sending GIF messages in social site WhatsApp has been increasing for some time now. Like stickers and emoji that help to express expressions well during chatting. Currently WhatsApp comes with built-in GIF files but if you want to create a personalized GIF then WhatsApp has this feature. This feature allows you to trim any video and convert it to a GIF file.

Here's how to create a GIF

- Creating a GIF will first require a supported video file. Also update the latest version of WhatsApp. Then follow the steps shown below.

- Open any chat window by going to WhatsApp.

- Then press on the attachment icon and go to the gallery and select the video you want to convert to GIF.

- After doing so you will have the option to trim the video and add text and emoji.

- Slide the trim bar and trim the GIFs you want

- Then share the GIF by pressing the Sand button.

Where to save GIF 

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Creating a GIF is easy. Makes good GIFs of short videos. The GIF that you share is saved in the internal memory of the phone. You can also forward GIFs from one contact to another, like photos, videos or messages

1. GIF Maker & Editor:
Convert video clip to GIF.
Combine multiple images to one GIF.
Record video from camera and convert to GIF
Record screen and convert to GIF(Android 5.0+)
Make/Edit GIF with high speed, high quality. You can make your GIF/Animated image easy, fast with a ton of features: crop, resize, speed, emoji, hand writing, filter, trim, sticker...Support up to 400 images and 50 frames/second. Saving your modification as GIF or Video.

2. Compress GIF:
Reduce file size of GIF with multiple quality options to share smaller GIF/Animated image

3. GIF to Video:
Convert directly GIF to video with the same quality/size by 3 clicks

4. GIF Background:
Make GIF width transparent/black/white background.

5. Quick edit GIF:
Quick modify GIF width transformation, resize, adjust play speed... in a few seconds

6. Filters/Frames:
Over 60 beauty filters/Frames (included Instagram filters): 1977, Amaro, Brannan, Early Bird, Hefe....

7. Blending filter:
Blending filters: Brightness, Gamma, White balance, Hue, Exposure....

8. Label/Meme:
Add labels with text style, color, shadow, spacing... and adjust time to show.

9. Sticker/Emoji:
Over one hundred stickers/emoji. You can adjust time to show decoration item. Blending funny Sticker/Emoji/GIF image into one GIF

10. Manage GIF:
View/Edit/Delete... all GIF images in your device.

11. Share on social media:
Share your GIF to everyone on WhatsApp, Facebook, Messenger, Twitter, Skype...

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