How To Get Driving Licence Without Test

How To Get Driving Licence Without Test

States such as Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Bihar and Jharkhand, Rajasthan, Delhi-NCR have made changes in the procedure to obtain a learner’s licence

Driving License

Applicants of a learner’s licence in the above-mentioned states will be able to apply for a new learner’s licence by visiting the Transport Ministry website. On the site, the applicant will have book a slot for an online test. This new test will comprise of ten questions. The applicant will only have 10 minutes to answer the questions. The government has setup a cutoff of at least six correct answers. If the applicant manages to answer at least six of the questions correctly, they will be sent a certification online.

Driving Licence Without Test Official Notification

For driving licence, the Ministry of Road Transport & Highways has issued a draft notification regarding accreditation of driver training centres. In order to impart quality driver training to the citizens, the Ministry has proposed detailed requirements to be met and procedures to be followed by such centres. Further, the Ministry has also provided that, any individual on successful completion of driver training from such centers, will be exempted from the requirement of driving test while applying for a driving licence.

The draft notification has been uploaded on the Ministry’s website for public consultation, and will be formally issued at a later stage.

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